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Rambling about Facebook on tumblr like a dickhole at 5am

So I was just over on Facebook..because sometimes I love awful things. It suggested I join this group “Old Sepultura FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!”

…hmm…seems..I mean what could possibly be going on in this group? Old Sepultura ended in goddamn 1996. I bet its like this..

"Remember when Max was in the band? Yeah..that was cool."

"Remember that one time when Max was in the band and they made good albums? That was cool."

NEW POLL: Who wishes old Sepultura was still around instead of new Sepultura? NEW SEPULTURA = 0% - OLD SEPULTURA = 100%. Same as last time. Thats cool.”

OMG..the ice bucket challenge is soooo dumb you guys. Why do these people have to be so narcissistic while raising awareness and millions of dollars for ALS? - *10 minutes later posts 3 selfies* Look at how good I look you guys. Oh and look at what I bought for me. Just look at me and my shit..I am awesome huh? Tell me. Tell me how awesome I am.
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